Tenant defies eviction despite ongoing renovations at Miami building

Steve Leidner is the only person living at the Hamilton on the Bay, a 28-story residential building in Miami’s Edgewater bayside neighborhood. He said he was outraged when he received a letter saying he had 60 days to leave and he has refused to do so.

Leidner said he has lived in apartment 2610 for nearly two decades and had a lease until June 2022. He said he was paying $1,496 monthly for the one-bedroom apartment, but his landlord has not allowed him to pay September or October and wants to charge him fees.

The building, owned by Aimco, is under renovation. The elevator is unreliable and the power and the water service were disconnected during repairs. Under the eyes of the law, Leidner is trespassing. Attorney David Winker is representing Leidner.

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