Venetian Islands’ Melissa Beattie uses fiction to campaign for Miami Beach commission

Melissa Beattie, a first-time Miami Beach commission candidate, is distributing a campaign flyer with a fictional scenario: A woman calls 911; a dispatcher says it will take 20 minutes for help to arrive.

Beattie, who is running for Commissioner Michael Góngora’s Group III seat, said the flyer presented a hypothetical situation based on an urgent need for preventive action.

“What I am doing is conveying a very clear message about the crime epidemic that we’re having right now,” Beattie said about the flyer’s deceptive display.

A political consultant who works for the city said the flyer is an example of fearmongering or scaremongering, a tactic to manipulate voters with lies about impending danger. Beattie disagrees and said crime is a real problem in Miami Beach.

“We got the message correctly … Perhaps we needed to be more clear that this was not an actual call,” Beattie said, also adding “I’m not going to apologize for drawing that attention. We need some solutions.”

Góngora is not allowed to run for re-election. Beattie, the Venetian Islands Homeowners Association president, is running against Alex Fernandez, Michael Barrineau, and Stephen Cohen.

Fernandez is a member of the Miami Beach Planning Board and was an aid for former Miami Beach Commissioner Deede Weithorn and former Miami Beach Mayor Matilde “Matti” Herrera-Bower.

Barrineau is a licensed real estate broker with Collins Realty Miami who ran for Miami Beach Commission Group 4 seat in 2019.

The deadline to register to vote is Oct. 4 and to request a mail-in ballot is Oct. 23. Early voting is Oct. 18-31 and the election is on Nov. 2. If there is a Nov. 16 runoff election, early voting is Nov. 12-14.

Other elections in Miami Beach

Mayor Dan Gelber is running for re-election against Carlos Gutierrez, Gus Manessis, Jean Echemendia and Ronnie Eith.

Commission Group 1 seat: Commissioner Micky Steinberg won’t be running for re-election. The candidates are Adrian Gonzalez, Blake Young, Kristen Gonzalez, and Raquel Pacheco.

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