Video shows opposing football teams cheering 9-year-old wheelchair user’s touchdown

A 9-year-old survivor recently had two youth football teams celebrating his touchdown during a Wednesday night game in Broward County.

James Edwards, a resilient wheelchair user, was playing flag football for The Steelers, one of the teams of the Parkland Flag Football league.

His mother, Jenna Edwards, recorded the video and shared it with his more than 40,000 followers on Facebook.

“What a moment of love, sportsmanship and kindness! Go James,” Connie Tortora wrote.

James survived a near-drowning on May 30, 2014, in his family swimming pool in Coral Springs. He spent about two months at the Chris Evert Children’s Hospital. He was released on the day he turned two and has been in treatment ever since.

The community is rooting for James. He will be undergoing surgery next week in Jacksonville if he tests negative for the coronavirus this Friday.

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