Woman needs help finding driver who damaged her Fort Lauderdale home in hit-and-run crash

Mellow Snell said she was in her kitchen on Friday when she heard a loud, “BOOM!” She ran out of the kitchen and quickly realized that had she been seating near her usual resting spot by the window she would have most certainly been injured.

“I was out of my mind, and by the time I came to my senses I realized what was going on,” Snell said.

A hit-and-run driver had crashed into the front of her house in Fort Lauderdale. The driver backed out of her front porch and went right back into Northwest Second Avenue. There was a hole in the wall, broken windows, shattered glass on the floor, and damaged chairs.

“I was hollering but you know, nobody could hear me through the window, so I tried to get to the door but the car was pulling off and gone,” Snell said.

Fort Lauderdale Police Department officers, who are investigating the case, told Snell the car had front-end and back-end damage, a shattered tail light, and a back broken window. Down the block, there was a woman who just had parked a car that fit the description.

She had a confession: “She backed into my car and drove off … My boyfriend’s other girlfriend.”

The woman drove away, but police officers have a video with her statement and they are searching for her.

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