Woman’s belongings stolen, car window smashed while she was dropping off package at Pembroke Pines post office

A Broward County woman was shocked after she was victimized by a smash and grab robbery while she was dropping off mail.

It was supposed to be a quick trip; the victim was simply dropping off a package at the post office and coming right back to her car.

When Beth Keating came back outside, she saw someone take off and she noticed something felt odd.

That’s when she went to her car and found that her purse and other valuables were gone.

“That minute or two minutes just cost me everything,” she said.

Keating was at the Pembroke Pines Post Office on Pines Boulevard on Saturday, dropping off a package.

She figured she’d leave her valuables behind since she wouldn’t be gone for long.

Little did she know, someone was waiting for an opportunity to steal.

“I went to the car and I was like, ‘Oh my God,’” she said.

She found her front passenger window smashed. Glass was everywhere, but what was gone was nearly $400 in cash, among other items.

“They took my pocketbook, my belongings, my cellphone and smashed my car,” Keating said.

Keating says the thief got into a waiting car and took off.

Hours later, she discovered thousands of dollars in purchases with her credit card at a Super Target in Miramar.

“Nine charges of $500 each,” she said.

Keating is now terrified since the thieves know where she lives. The experience has taught her a valuable lesson.

“I’m mad, I’m really mad,” she said. “I think I’m mad at myself that I did that. I really hope karma gets them.”

Keating said the thieves allegedly tried to open up a credit card in her name.

Police officers are investigating, and anyone with information is urged to call Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS.

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