Women accuse masseur of unwanted vaginal contact at The Biltmore Spa

Three women accused a massage therapist of unwanted vaginal contact at The Biltmore Hotel’s spa in Coral Gables, but prosecutors were only able to file charges in two cases, police said.

According to Detective Michelle Christensen’s report, the women told hotel staff that Oscar Ojeda made vaginal contact during massages at the Biltmore’s spa in 2017, 2020, and earlier this year.

“That is what is most frustrating about this case is that it didn’t need to happen. This person should not have had access to women at all,” said Attorney Adriana Alcalde, who is representing the recent victim in a civil lawsuit against the Biltmore Hotel.

Alcalde’s client was the only victim who reported the incident to both the hotel staff and to the Coral Gables Police Department. During the investigation, officers found the other two women.

She told police officers she was lying face down on April 25 in a private room at the spa when Ojeda, 39, made contact with her vagina during a massage, according to the arrest form.

“I can’t believe this is happening. I don’t want any of this to be public record, but I also don’t want this to happen to anyone else,” she said as her eyes began to well up with tears, according to the police report.

During the investigation into the April 25th report, officers learned another woman told hotel staff that Ojeda had made contact with her vagina during a deep tissue massage in August 2020.

Christensen also reported finding a woman who told hotel staff that Ojeda had made contact with her vagina during a massage in 2017. The statute of limitations prevented a case, police said.

“This impacts them in ways you can’t even imagine. For most victims, in general, unless they go through therapy, and sometimes a lifetime of therapy, they are not going to get over this,” said Alcalde, a former sex-crimes prosecutor.

The Biltmore released a statement on Wednesday describing Ojeda as a former employee. The Florida Department of Health record shows he received his license on Dec. 2, 2011, which was to expire in 2023.

“We will continue to cooperate with all relevant authorities and legal parties to ensure the matter is properly addressed,” a spokesperson for the Biltmore said in the statement.

Ojeda surrendered to police on May 13 and officers took him to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center. He is facing two misdemeanor battery charges and he was released on a $3,000 bond. Alcalde said Ojeda was not charged with sexual battery because there wasn’t vaginal penetration.

“Men can freely just grab a woman in the most private area and it is not even a felony, it is not even a real serious crime here in Florida,” Alcalde said. “That needs to change.”

Records show Ojeda submitted a written plea of not guilty on May 19 and demanded a trial. His attorney did not respond to requests for comment. He has a status hearing scheduled at 9:45 a.m. on Nov. 3.

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