Miami-Dade officials hold news conference about peak mosquito season

Miami-Dade County officials held a news conference Monday to discuss the mosquito control measures being taken amid the peak season for the county’s Mosquito Control Division.

Heavy rains from May through October, plus the seasonal rise in temperatures mean increased mosquito activity, officials said.

Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava urged residents to do their part to keep mosquitoes at bay, and said while mosquitoes in South Florida are an issue all year long, they are even more so during the heat season.

“Our message: Fight the bite. Drain and cover,” the mayor said.

Cava was joined by the Department of Solid Waste and Mosquito Control on Monday as the county urged its residents to prepare for peak mosquito season.

Just a few of the ways mosquito control is tackling the investigation of mosquitos in certain areas is with the two trucks. One holds a Buffalo Turbine in its bed, which will spray Larvacide about 100 feet into the air where they know there is a high concentration of the insects.  The second truck features a hydraulic sprayer that will apply Larvacide to areas of standing water where they know there is no circulation.

According to experts, mosquitoes really start thriving about a week to 12 days following a pronged rainfall.

But there are multiple things residents can do to control mosquitoes on their property.

In addition to dumping standing water, officials recommend using an EPA-registered repellant, checking spigots and air conditioning units to make sure they’re not pooling water, and replacing water in your outdoor pet dishes and bird feeders.

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