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Beverly Williams

About Ricky Law

Although born and raised around Sound Systems in East Kingston , Jamaica Ricky Lawnever took interest in the art of music until migrating to South Florida 1999 then started his career in music about 2005 playing at private events, weddings and birthday parties. A few years later his cousin built a Sound System( New Kat City) and gave him the name Mr. Law where he went on making a name for himself being booked for events and doing radio show twice a week now know as WZOP.
 Better known for less talking and his selections of playing all genres of music while having dance floors packed, he got a few residency at clubs in Fort Lauderdale over the years such as Blue Lagoon, Pineapples, Memory Lane and Waterfalls where he played alongside musical legends like Winston Merritone, Waggy T and others on a few occasions. He now currently has a residency at Moments Restaurant & Lounge where he changed his name to Ricky Law. 
Ricky Law has been a entertaining  deejay for about 16 years and has one of the best listening radio shows on Streaminn Hub every Sunday called High Voltage!
–vBeverly V. Williams, Age 48, born and raised in Fort Lauderdale Florida, mother of 2 boys Arnez (13) and Cortez (6), she is the 13 child of 16 sisters and brother.  Beverly is an up spirited, fun loving ball of energy with an contagious smile and personality who found herself in this world at age 8 singing in the church choir and traveling with the church in her youth performing in many different states.
 I wasn’t until the year of 1991 where she discovered her acting skills auditioning for the N.A.A.C.P where she wrote and performed the one man play “ Mama Violet and The Speech of Freedom”!  Which landed her in first place where she won a first class trip to New York to act in
A stage play.
 Beverly later on became a Karaoke DJ and host back in 2013 and in 2014 she won Karaoke host and DJ of the Year!
Soon after she found herself as the Hostess with the Mostess and stared the small business Titled: SHOW STOPPERS with the moto: One Stop Shop where she offered at an affordable price which include Hosting, Dying and singing for all occasions such as wedding, birthdays, church events, etc.
 Currently Beverly Williams is active in singing, acting, hosting and now Radio host at the Streaminn Hub Radio station.