VIDEO: Days after storm, Cutler Bay neighborhood remains inundated with ‘catastrophic’ flood waters

Residents of a Cutler Bay neighborhood continued to deal with “catastrophic” flood waters Tuesday morning, days after a tropical system dumped heavy amounts of rain across South Florida.

Flood waters ran so deep in parts of the Saga Bay neighborhood that some residents reported being unable to leave their homes.

@WPLGLocal10 @ClayWPLG @GlennaWPLG @BrandonOrrWPLG 11 inches on the road videoshot june 6, at 2:15 pm #cutlerbay #sagabay

— jorge mario gomez (@elcerve0) June 7, 2022

Video taken by Local 10 News and viewers shows streets inundated and both cars and people navigating through high water.

“It’s just one big lake back there,” one resident told Local 10 News.

Senior citizens and pets appear to be especially affected.

View from SW 196th Street in @townofcutlerbay. Only high-profile vehicles are able to pass through. Residents with smaller cars are getting stuck in high flood waters. Blue crossover SUV appears to have stalled, now waiting on a tow. @WPLGLocal10

— Trent Kelly (@TrentKellyWPLG) June 7, 2022

City officials said they are working to get the water out as quickly as possible, but there is no quick fix.

“I’ve lived in this area since 1964, been through some of the major storms and this is something that is catastrophic,” Tim Meerbott, Cutler Bay’s mayor said. “The flooding, I haven’t seen it before and it’s not so much the issue the water coming in, it’s just it’s not going out. Unfortunately, the only thing is going to get this out of here is gravity. We don’t have enough pumps in the world to get this water gone.”

Our @TrentKellyWPLG is there and has been for you to get help for you all. Also the emergency officials to help

— Julie Durda (@JulieDurdaWPLG) June 7, 2022

The city tweeted Monday night that it is working to secure additional pump trucks and assistance and that the South Florida Water Management district continues to draw down canals.

We’re working with the County to secure additional pump trucks and help. Additionally, the South Florida Water Management District is continuously drawing down the canal water levels when possible, which alleviates flooding in the area.

— Town of Cutler Bay (@townofcutlerbay) June 6, 2022Read More

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