About the Hub

Streaminn Hub Radio – the entertainment and educational platform, where our listeners can always enjoy the eclectic mix of Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, Alternative, Soca, Reggae, Dancehall, EDM/Dance and Afro beats. 

Because we continue to be the local and international progressive melting pot of vital information through edutainment, we are the successful hub for brand sponsors who understand and embrace the impact of a diverse audience to the direct expansion of their target market. 

Streaminn Hub Radio began broadcasting online January 25, 2019 and has steadily and creatively maximized our audience reach capacity.  It is a path that will be sustained because we are dedicated to and focused on maintaining a platform that facilitates our audience’s attention and intention.

We connect and interact through our website, radio app and social media networks, securing the availability for our valued audience no matter where they are – at work, home, school, working out at the gym, travelling or jogging around the block. 

We consciously remain in reach.