Sage Stevens interviews the man helping musicians regain their hearing, the inventor of the wireless IEM ear monitor, Stephen Ambrose on SHOUT OUT WITH SAGE

SAGE STEVENS interviews the man helping musicians regain their hearing, the inventor of the wireless IEM ear monitor, STEPHEN AMBROSE, on SHOUT OUT WITH SAGE.

As confirmed by the WSJ, Rolling Stone and hundreds of other publications, Stephen Ambrose is a musician and heuristic scientist who is the original inventor and pioneer of the wireless IEM (in ear monitor) systems which are now commonly seen in the ears of performing artists all over the world.  He was the first to provide & engineer IEMs for the Super Bowl, Oscar’s, Grammy Awards, and all other major award/talk shows and films (E.T., Star Trek, etc.).  After decades of touring with Stevie Wonder, Simon and Garfunkel, Dianna Ross, as well as providing them for or engineering them for hundreds of live stage, radio and television shows, Ambrose began losing his own hearing through the use of these devices and vowed not to continue manufacturing or providing them until he could discover the source of and remedy their dangers.  There is a documented 77% global increase in hearing loss due to the use of the personal audio devices which copied his original IEM invention without employing the early measures he included to avert hearing loss.  Ambrose just finished providing this technology for the recent Paul McCartney tour in the US and UK and currently, the hugely popular EDM band Odesza is touring with sets of his latest ADEL (Ambrose Diaphonic Ear Lens) IEMs having just released a new single LIGHT OF DAY which features a vocal pull from a folk song Ambrose released in 1972 called ‘Mary’, on their final ‘theme cut’ of the single on their new album THE LAST GOODBYE.

Ambrose’s original invention preceded and formed the basis of the Sony Walkman, Apple iPod and all high fidelity portable personal audio devices (ear bud, etc.,) in use today. The story behind this and its present day ramifications is most easily conveyed by viewing the first few minutes of the his keynote presentation sponsored by Autodesk (after Ambrose won their 2013 Inventor of the Year Award) and delivered at the World Trade Center in Boston in 2016: 

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