Attorney: Passengers on plane that crashed at MIA were worried about ‘being burned alive’

Dominican carrier RED Air is facing a lawsuit with several passengers injured during a crash landing at Miami International Airport.

The plane skidded off the runway after landing in Miami on June 21.

Lawyers representing some of the passengers say the crash landing was preventable.

“These families were worried about being burned alive,” according to Judd Rosen, an attorney with the law firm Goldberg and Rosen, representing “people sitting throughout the plane.”

(See the press conference below.)

“They wouldn’t open the exit doors and they made the passengers sitting in the front of the plane sit in their seats as they are looking behind them and feeling heat and seeing fire all around them,” Rosen said.

A portion of the complaint states: “The abovenamed (cq) Plaintiffs suffered severe, traumatic injuries in the plane crash of RED AIR flight 203 at Miami International Airport (MIA) on June 21, 2022. The terrifying incident was captured on video and broadcasted all over the news.”

There were 130 passengers aboard the flight that began in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic with a final stop in Miami.

The complaint goes on to describe the details: “Upon landing at Miami International Airport (MIA), flight 203 crashed, without warning, when the aircraft landed too hard and the main landing gear collapsed, causing the plane to lose control and skid down the runway on the belly of the fuselage and burst into flames.”

(See the lawsuit filing below)

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