Boy’s drowning death isn’t first tragedy at Coconut Creek complex

The man who helped pull a 3-year-old from a Coconut Creek lake is speaking to Local 10 News after the tragic news that the young boy later died.

It turns out that Friday night’s drowning incident is not the first to happen at the complex.

Neighbor Scott Diamond was the man who pulled the child out.

“I was out in my patio I looked down into the water and saw what I thought was a dog it turned out to be a human body,” Diamond said. “(It) turned out to be a young boy, African-American.”

Diamond said by the time he pulled the boy out, he was unresponsive. Neighbors performed CPR.

“The worst thing I’ve ever gone through (was) hearing the mothers voice come out and yell,” he said. “There was something (primal) about it. It’s the worst thing I’ve ever gone through.”

It’s not clear how the little boy ended up in the lake on Cocoplum Circle and how he got away from his parents, who live in the same complex and were home at the time.

“My heart dropped,” Jason Turchin said.

Turchin is an attorney representing the family of a 1-year-old girl who drowned in a lake at the same apartment complex. He said he’d like the city to look into whether the complex is taking action to prevent another drowning.

“The lake itself is supposed to have a slope, a 4-to-1 slope into the water, like a beach, and the lakes at Advenir have a drop off of more than one foot in several areas around their lake,” he said.

Coconut Creek police are investigating the incident.

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