Florida sheriff says his school resource deputies will be heavily armed

With schools starting across Florida in the next few weeks, one Florida sheriff is taking no chances with school security.

In the wake of the massacre in Uvalde, Texas and other school shootings, Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey is making sure his school resource deputies will be heavily armed this school year.

Ivey posted a video on Facebook Monday saying that making schools hard targets is his top priority. “Let me be very clear,” Ivey said. “You are not coming into my schools and killing our children.”

He said Brevard school resource officers will be better prepared, better armed and better trained.

The deputies will be outfitted in a heavily-armed tactical uniform.

They will also no longer have to go to their cruiser to retrieve their long gun if there is a threat. The gun will be with them at all times.

“I firmly believe that if you don’t meet violence with violence, you will be violently killed,” said Ivey.

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