Rescue vehicles help cars stuck in flooded water in Hollywood Beach

A Hollywood high water rescue vehicle came through the area of just off Sheridan on North 14th Avenue where cars could be seen trying to drive through, but end up turning around.

The water levels are too high reaching Local 10′s Andrea Martinez’s knees on Saturday morning.

City workers were out on the streets marking flooded roadways with flood warning signs and they had sandbags loaded up and ready to go along Hollywood Beach.

These same crews have also been clearing storm drains, checking the stationary pumping stations, and deploying auxiliary pumps in low-lying areas prone to flooding.

Residents told Local 10 that these precautions sometimes are just not enough.

“That’s a little scary when you’re driving and the water comes up over the hood and the drainage systems aren’t working so well I definitely wish they would get that straightened out a little quicker,” Hollywood resident, Marco Namath said.

Local 10′s Andrea Martinez got to see an auxiliary pump where one resident told her it’s not actually on, but we are working to confirm that and figure out exactly what’s going on here.

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