South Florida money dispute ends with man being hit by SUV, sheriff says

A broken promise over a rental unit in the Florida Keys ended with one man hitting another with an SUV Friday night, according to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff’s office spokesperson Adam Linhardt said deputies responded to Stock Island just after 9:40 p.m., where a 39-year-old victim told them he had been injured in a dispute over money for a rental property with 35-year-old Jean Diverson Estephen.

Linhardt said the victim wasn’t happy with the fact that he gave Estephen $4,000 for the rental property and never got the unit.

After seeing Estephen parked in a white SUV on the 6500 block of Maloney Avenue, the victim confronted him, Linhardt said. He said the victim stood in front of Estephen’s SUV and threatened to call police if he didn’t get his money back.

Deputies said Estephen chose a different course of action. Instead of refunding the money, he hit the gas, hit the victim and drove off, Linhardt said.

The victim was hurt, but not seriously. Two witnesses collaborated the man’s story, deputies said.

Deputies tracked Estephen to a residence on Duck Avenue in Key West just after 11 p.m., saw damage on the SUV that matched the victim’s story and arrested him on a felony charge of aggravated battery, officials said.

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