Study focuses on men with high-grade prostate cancer

A new study underway in South Florida could ultimately help men with high-grade prostate cancer overcome immune resistance to potentially life-saving treatments.

Dr. Fangliang Zhang and his colleagues with Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center are looking at how two protein modifications impact the response to immunotherapy in recurrent prostate cancers.

“To our very pleasant surprise when we combine both of our molecular mechanisms together, it was really good for enhancing the immune response, so we are very excited about this and we are going to extrapolate this mechanism and hopefully we can expand to human therapy,” Zhang said.

Zhang is an associate professor of research in the Department of Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology partnered with Dr. Hi Manchu Arora, who is with the Desai Sethi Urology Institute.

Their efforts could have a major effect on the treatment of prostate cancer, which affects one out of eight percent of men in the U.S.

An estimated 30,000 will ultimately die from the disease.

And research shows that up to 20 percent of women experience cramps during menstruation and new data has revealed how food can impact period pain.

Researchers have found that meat, sugars, salts and coffee worsened menstrual cramps while foods containing Omega-3 fatty acids provided an anti-inflammatory effect that could lessen period pain.

Foods rich in Omega-3′s include seafood, nuts, seeds and plant oils.

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