Surveillance video released of vandal targeting Pompano Beach church

Surveillance video has been released of a man throwing a brick at a church in Pompano Beach, and police say this wasn’t the only spot he vandalized.

Police believe the vandal is Jehu Cadevil.

They said he’s actually struck the same church twice in less than a year, and also tried to break into another nearby church, as well as a bank.

The doors and windows of Saint Nicholas Episcopal church in Pompano Beach were left shattered after the incident.

A man accused of vandalizing the same church in Pompano Beach multiple times is now behind bars.

According to a police report, this is just one of three places vandalized by Cadevil.

He was arrested back in September for property damage, but was recently released from jail.

Less than 72 hours after his release, police say he went back to the scene of the crime where he repeated the act.

“We had gotten a letter a couple of weeks ago that he had gotten out and we didn’t think too much about it.” Pastor Mark Andrew Jones said. “It took several strikes to make this kind of damage.”

The pastor of the church says he doesn’t recognize Cadevil and doesn’t know why he would target them.

The suspect was arrested once again Tuesday and faces charges of criminal mischief involving a church and violation of probation.

His defense team has asked for a mental health screening on his behalf.


Surveillance video shows a man throwing a brick through the glass doors and windows of a church in Pompano Beach. Read More

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