Video: Dania Beach employee charged after seen hitting, racially abusing family

A Dania Beach employee has been fired and is facing charges, after a violent confrontation with beachgoers near the Dania Beach pier is caught on camera.

A family arriving for a day at the beach says they were in line to pay their parking fee, when a beach ranger gave them a citation. The family says they asked the ranger to void the ticket, but when she refused, the situation escalated and was caught on cell phone video.

The video shows the beach ranger, part-time employee Laura Carlin, screaming at the family, demanding they delete the picture as she punches one of the victims.

A private security guard who was in the area tries to step in to stop it, but Carlin is seen on the video continuing to scream at the family, then she’s heard screaming racist remarks.

“She’s crazy! Keep calling me crazy, I’m not f****** crazy! At least I’m not black! You guys get shot at every time! She’s 30 by the way, oh wow. Oh my God she looks like 45. I don’t look 45 you f****** n*****.”

City of Dania Beach Mayor Tamara James tells Local 10′s Ian Margol, Carlin was charged with two counts of battery once police arrived.

“We live in the era of social media and that video was circulated and spread really fast,” said James.

The 30-year-old has been employed by the city for four months and was fired on Monday.

“This is an unfortunate situation that has happened and the City of Dania Beach does not condone violence, nor hate, nor that type of speech,” said James.

Carlin was not taken into custody, but was charged with two counts of touch or strike battery and given a notice to appear in court.

The victims say they were stunned by the interaction, especially since the scene unfolded in front of their young children.

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