‘You’re seriously laughing right now?’ Teen accused of deadly crime spree tossed from court

Two teenaged boys accused of an August Broward County crime spree that ended in the death of a single mother of three were set to appear in court Monday.

One of them was removed from the courtroom for laughing during the proceedings.

The two teens, Jacory Flournoy, 13, and Jah’Kobe Bessent, 15, are accused of breaking into a Fort Lauderdale home while its residents were sleeping, stealing a white Mercedes-Benz and crashing during a police chase.

That crash, at the intersection of Oakland Park Boulevard and Northwest Ninth Avenue, killed 35-year-old Maria Tellez-Valderrabano.

Bessent, accused of being the driver, appeared in Broward County court Monday morning, while Flournoy was set to appear later in the day.

Prosecutors are still working to determine if the two will be tried as adults.

Bessent’s attorneys asked the judge for 21 more days to do behavioral testing and moments later, he demonstrated why his attorneys were so concerned.

Bessent was seen laughing in court while his attorneys asked for the assessment.

“You’re seriously laughing right now?” Judge Stacy Ross said, as Bessent continued to laugh.

“We are dealing with a 15 year old,” Bessent’s attorney said. “That’s part of the reason why I want the state to have more of a snapshot of him because he is very immature.”

“Take him out please,” Ross replied. “I can’t have him in here. Take him out.”

Bessent was led out of court, in front of his family, by juvenile corrections officers.

Flournoy, the accused passenger, appeared in court that afternoon.

“I understand the process takes time but I’m happy as long as they’re still behind bars,” Emily Feria, Tellez-Valderrabano’s sister, said. : “I have not grieved my sister yet. And I will not grieve her until I get justice.”

It’s unlikely that Flournoy will face adult charges, but it’s possible that Bessent will. If so, he’ll face significant prison time.

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