Alleged teenaged OfferUp cell phone thief behind bars

North Miami Beach have arrested a teenager accused of snatching a cell phone during an OfferUp transaction earlier this month.

Jaeger Bonilla, 17, faces robbery charges after police say he posed as a buyer of an Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max.

According to Bonilla’s arrest report, he agreed to pay $750 for the phone and the vicitm gave him her North Miami Beach address, so they could meet on July 13.

The victim said she felt something was off.

“There was something like off, so that’s why I said to him, ‘Can you step out of the car?’ … While I was looking through the phone he snatched the phone out of my hands. I was just in disbelief.”

According to the report, Bonilla was with two other people when he stole the phone and fled in an Infinity sedan. During the encounter he allegedly snatched the phone from the victim’s hands and as the victim attempted to stop Bonilla, the driver of the sedan ran over her foot.

Police credit the broadcasting of the robbery with a tip received by officers on July 15, about a call advising of the identity of the thief.

Bonilla was arrested at his home on July 16.

He is facing felony charges and being held at the Juvenile Assessment Center without bond.

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