Driver cited after 2 bicyclists killed on Rickenbacker Causeway in Miami

A driver was cited, but is not facing charges at this time, after a man and woman who were riding bicycles Sunday were struck by a Jeep SUV on the Rickenbacker Causeway in Miami, authorities confirmed.

The accident occurred around 4 p.m. Sunday, near the start of the William Powell Bridge.

Both bicyclists were pronounced dead at the scene by Miami Fire Rescue personnel.

“As I got closer, you know, you see the white sheet over the body,” said David Winker, who drove past the scene. “I’ve seen a lot of things, but it’s upsetting.”

The driver was detained for questioning after the crash, and was later let go.

His identity has not yet been released.

A Local 10 News crew was at the scene as a man, who is believed to have been the driver of the Jeep, was speaking with detectives.

He later ran away from our cameras.

“Car was pretty banged up,” Winker said. “You could see that the airbags had gone off and you could see in the pictures there is damage to the car — like it hit hard.”

The Jeep had heavy damage to the hood and windshield, and was later towed away.

Officers closed down the causeway for hours after the crash.

“As horrible as it sounds, I’m not surprised that happened because I’ve had close calls there,” cyclist Gabriel Larrea told Local 10 News on Monday.

Larrea knows the dangers all too well as he too was hit by a driver while riding down the Rickenbacker Causeway last August.

While the stretch of street does have bike lanes, he believes more should be done, like reducing the speed limit.

“Why can they not take a more proactive stance to the situation and realize that 45 mph on this causeway is way too fast?” Larrea asked. “Why not make it 35 mph? And let’s be honest, people are going to speed, but then they’ll speed at 45 instead of 70 or 80, which I see every day of my life.”

Other avid cyclists say they’ve suffered their own close calls, and want to see more done to protect them on the road.

“That’s a very active part where people are crossing, even runners sometimes,” said cyclist Steve Barlow. “My estimation is it could’ve been avoided if there was at light here at the exit ramp.”

The victims’ identities have not yet been released.

Police said the investigation remains ongoing. Further details about the citation, including the amount the driver will have to pay, have not been confirmed by authorities.

Loved ones of the victims created a GoFundMe account to help with funeral expenses. To view the page, click here.

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