Miami Spice 2022: Explore Argentinean cuisine

Dining at the FAENA Hotel’s El Fuegos usually ranges from $100 to $150, but during Miami Spice, the MICHELIN-recommended restaurant is offering a $60 dinner menu.

Chef Francis Mallman created a rustic menu for a venue with lush red and gold décor that includes leopard print seating and grand chandeliers with two layers of triple golden rings. MICHELIN praised the celebrity Argentine grillmaster for creating an asado that “rivals the city’s best steakhouses.”

The Spice three-course menu, served every day except for Friday and Saturday, includes three options and two optional upgrades for the appetizer, three options for the entree and one optional upgrade, and two options for the dessert.

The appetizers are the Wood-Fired Charred Romain Lettuce Salad with red endives, Parmigiano Reggiano, anchovy aioli, and sourdough breadcrumbs; The Portobello Milanesa with San Marzano tomato sauce and basil pesto; and the Snapper Crudo with sweet potato, red onion, and crispy ginger.

The two optional appetizers for an extra charge are Wood Fired Artichokes with sesame yogurt, sourdough breadcrumbs, toasted sesame seeds, and preserved lemon; and the Grilled Mediterranean Octopus with potatoes confit “a la plancha”, tomato sofrito, garlic aioli, dry kalamata olives, and fresh herbs.

The Spice menu entrees are the Argentine New York Strip Milanesa with duchess potatoes, heirloom cherry tomatoes, and onion salad; the Mushroom Risotto with roasted wild mushroom, crispy sage, and basil pesto; and Squid Ink Black Tagliolini with bouillabaisse sauce, shrimp, and mussels and fresh scallion.

The optional entree upgrade for an extra charge is the Parrillada Experience with branzino fillet, a New York steak, chicken, chorizo and morcilla, domino potatoes, sweet potato al rescoldo and criolla chimichurri.

The Spice menu’s dessert options are the Strawberry Pavlova with cheesecake ice cream and passion fruit jam and the Illanka Chocolate Crumble with toasted hazelnut ice cream, and oven-roasted pineapple. The menu doesn’t include drinks.

To avoid the cost of valet parking, use The Miami Beach Parking Lot at 3381 Collins Ave., which is within walking distance of the FAENA hotel, at 3201 Collins Ave. The reservations were available on OpenTable. For more information, visit this page.

Here is a list of other Argentinean cuisine restaurants with Miami Spice menus:

BUENOS AIRES CAFE: Tigre Restaurant & Bar (Michelin recommended)PORTEÑO CUISINE: PM Fish & Steak House“RIOPLATENSE” DISHES: New Campo ArgentinoNOVECENTO has locations in Aventura, Doral, Brickell, and Key Biscayne and serves a “refined co-existence of Argentine, Mediterranean, and Pan Latin highlighted by French techniques.”

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