Parkland school shooter’s case: Prosecution’s rebuttal witnesses

The prosecutors seeking the death penalty for the Parkland school shooter started their rebuttal on Sept. 27 in Broward County court.

While the defense focused on an expert’s diagnosis related to fetal alcohol exposure, the prosecution focused on another expert’s diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder.

Here is the list of witnesses:

Sept. 27

Gloria Crespo: A sergeant with the Broward Sheriff’s OfficeClint Williams: A BSO detective familiar with the evidenceNicholas Masters: A BSO detective familiar with digital forensic evidenceJean-Joel Marque-Pucheu: A BSO deputy familiar with Cruz’s behavior at the main jailDr. Charles L. Scott: A forensic psychiatrist with the University of California

Oct. 3

Scott continues his testimony. He said Cruz’s record at school, from preschool until before the crime, and at his job at the Dollar Tree store shows he had an “ability to control the behavior when he wanted to.”

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