Police searching for suspected car thieves after 4 stolen in Pembroke Pines community

Police are investigating multiple car thefts after four cars were stolen in a matter of months in a Pembroke Pines community.

The thefts happened at Windsor in Pembroke Gardens in the 500 block of Southwest 145th Avenue.

Both victims Eyad Dayem and Eddie Matson spoke with Local 10 saying they don’t feel like property management is doing enough to keep them safe.

“It’s very inconvenient, its cost me thousands of dollars,” said Dayem.

“It’s getting bad out here in Pembroke Pines, said Matson. “In this neighborhood, there’s been 5 car jacks within 4 to 5 months, that’s a car a month.”

For Matson and his wife, this marks the third time their cars have been stolen right off their property.

Matson says his Infiniti was stolen from his garage and Dodge Charger, white truck were swiped from the parking lot on Saturday.

“It’s an inside job if you ask me– how did they get into these gates?” asked Matson.

The first one they broke the gates, the second one, I didn’t see any vandalism–no broken gates, so they had to have a clicker to get it, he said. To know where these vehicles are exactly within two weeks, three weeks, it’s just impossible.”

Dayem says his red jeep was also stolen last weekend from the outside lot.

Dayem’s jeep and Matson’s charger were recovered in Miami-Dade, but with damage.

Both blame property management and say their cars will now cost them thousands of dollars in repairs.

“It’s too easy for them,” said Dayem. “They know this is where they can come and nothing is going to happen to them.”

Local 10 reached out to the property management of Windsor in Pembroke Pines and received the following response Tuesday:

“The safety of our community is always a top priority. We do not discuss the details of our security program publicly because to do so would compromise its integrity. However, we can say that we have notified our residents of the incidents and that we are working closely with the Pembroke Police Department in their investigation.”

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